NTR-Denied-YSRCP-A-Chance-Of-Using-Him!NTR Centenary Celebrations are happening later this evening at a ground in KPHB, Hyderabad.

NTR Literature, Souvenir, and Website Committee are celebrating this on a grand scale. Several political and film celebrities will be in attendance.

Junior NTR was also invited by the organizers a few days ago. At the time itself, NTR informed them about his unavailability as he will be out of the country with the family for his Birthday.

The organizers still put him on the banners of the Guests because they do not want to give the impression that he is left out as they are planning this event as completely apolitical.

Now, NTR’s PR sent an official communique clarifying his unavailability not to give a chance to unnecessary speculations and conspiracy theories. YSR Congress and its teams are waiting for this opportunity so as to create a rift between TDP and NTR supporters.

Nara Lokesh also wished NTR today on his Birthday.

NTR denied a chance to YSR Congress to create propaganda using him.