Jr-NTR-Nara-LokeshOne of the most used propaganda of the YCP against TDP is that Jr NTR is not with the Nara family and he is being ignore by TDP. The intention is to try to create rifts between NTR and TDP. YCP also repeatedly says Lokesh and NTR are not in good terms.

But cut to now, Lokesh has started to effectively kill down this narrative.

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Today, marking NTR’s birthday, Lokesh tweeted “ I wish @tarak9999 a very happy birthday. All the very best for your upcoming movies and may God bless you with good health and abundance.” This tweet is all over social media now.

Whenever YCP doesn’t have a valid reason to hurl against TDP, they bring up the aforementioned NTR narrative. When there’s a NTR slogan in CBN’s public meet, YCP will make a meal of it.

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But Lokesh has actively made it a point to shun the narrative. Even at a recent public meeting in Chittoor district, Lokesh said NTR, and anyone who intends to serve the public is welcome to join TDP.

Now, with the viral tweet, NTR has again put the NTR-TDP narrative to bed. This is a proactive approach and it’s being appreciated by the TDP troops.

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On a related noted, Sr NTR’s centenary birthday celebrations are going on at a grand scale in Kukatpally. Junior received the invitation for the same but he couldn’t make it as he’s in a foreign location, celebrating his birthday today with his family.