Jr NTR About PoliticsIt’s been a while Junior NTR has talked about his political entry. He is trying to stay away from politics as much as he could. But fans have been continuously demanding him to foray.

The star gave clarity about it in a Post-release interview of RRR.

“I am in a very very very happy phase of my life. I just started enjoying this whole journey as an actor. I am not someone who is going to think about the future for the next five years from now and ten years from now as your next second. I live for the moment,” NTR said.

“Right now I am happy as an actor. There is work that is giving me immense happiness satisfaction as an actor. I am going to stick with this for now,” he added.

This is a clarification for a section of fans themselves. They have been aggressively dragging the star into needless political discussions and are taking him away from a section of the audience in the name of politics which is not happening any sooner.

Some of them even are trying to create a rift between NTR and his own family and his grandfather’s party. But then, a vast majority of them are supporters of NTR in films as well.

When NTR himself is not interested in politics, FOR NOW, there is no point in dragging him into unnecessary issues and distancing him from his own people.

It will only add unnecessary pressure on the star and his career.

When NTR last talked about TDP, he clarified that he will be with TDP for life. We have recently seen him condemning indecent allegations against Chandrababu’s wife.

Until something changes on that front and until NTR enters politics, these arguments of fans or any others are totally unnecessary.

This clarification also has a message for the political opponents of TDP that they can not use him as a tool for their political gains.