jr.doctors against kcrThe junior doctors who are striking for Telangana government’s rural service policy are now using online campaign to up the ante against KCR, the present Chief Minister of T State. A video clip showing KCR supporting the junior doctors’ cause in 2012 is going viral online when the present CM criticised the earlier governement for its policy, terming it as ‘wrong practice’.

Junior doctors’ main allegation on KCR is on his double standards. His stance before becoming CM was different on the rural service policy from the one after coming into office as the first CM of the T State. Junior doctors are waiting for the High Court’s verdict and hence their futher plan of action would be based on the verdict.

The main allegations on the government include its failure to provide the basic equipments like ventilators, the extention of service period and its defective policy of appointing number of specialists in single hospital. The doctors have taken oath to continue their agitations until the Hyderabad High Court gives its verdict in the PIL.