journalist-email-exposing-jayalalithaa-death-mystery-leakedWhy was Jayalalithaa’s health status always been a secret to the world for the 75 days and is still unknown even after the death? No answer for this question yet, it has always been a mystery. People doesn’t know the actual reason behind Jaya’s death. But now the secret doesn’t seem to be a secret anymore. An email written by a senior journalist to his colleagues contained the reason for her illness and the admit to the hospital.

As reported by FirstPost, the email said that Jayalalithaa was given wrong medication for diabetes before she was brought to the hospital in the first place. The journalist have also mentioned that the email is just for their information not for circulation. The email somehow leaked revealing the message. When asked about the information in the mail, AIADMK party officials have not shown interest in answering if the mail speaks the truth.

Adding to this leaked email, Legion group, the hackers have had a peek into the health records of Apollo Hospital. They said that they wouldn’t reveal the data that they have accessed as it causes disturbances over the country.