Jockey-Apparel-CompanyThe other day, Eenadu published an article about how a ruling party MLA troubled Jockey Apparel company which was planning a manufacturing unit in Anantapur.

Vexed with the MLA’s torture, the company surrendered the land given by the Government and withdrew the investment. The company now shifted the investment to Telangana.

Eenadu did not name the MLA but Raptadu MLA Thopadurthi Prakash Reddy.

Prakash Reddy vented his frustration on Jockey and called it a Looty Company. He went on to say that the company closed its manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

He even warned Telangana Government to be careful. He blamed Chandrababu, and the then Minister Lokesh and Paritala Sunitha for the company leaving AP.

It may be okay if the MLA stopped there. But he went on to say that Andhra Pradesh Government will still invite Jockey to Andhra Pradesh.

If Jockey is really a Looty company why would the Government still invite them? If it is a looty company, why did not the government take any legal action?

On top of everything, why is the MLA responding when his name is not mentioned in the article of Eenadu?