'Jewelry Heist' Worth Millions in California Leaves Cops PuzzledA jewelry show in the San Fransisco Bay area prompted a jewelry heist in California. Thieves in California stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry and gemstones after they broke into an unattended security vehicle, according to the police.

Ironically, the two security guards walked away from the vehicle when the robbery took place in a remote rest stop in southern California. The tractor-trailer that belonged to security company Brinks was traveling overnight to reach Los Angeles, where there was supposed to be another show.

For now, it is now clear if the thieves followed the truck all the way from California, which happens to be a 375-mile (604 km) journey, or found the truck unguarded and took the opportunity to conduct the crime according to Los Angele’s sheriff’s sergeant.

Incidentally, the guards reported the heist at around 2 am when they found the trailer’s lock tampered with. Right now, the local police are busy trying to figure out how the lock was broken. Meanwhile, the police are trying to figure out how long the guards left the vehicle unattended in the community of Lebec, about 121km north of downtown Los Angeles.

The jewelry was going to Pasadena Convention Centre in Los Angeles when the crime took place. Though the victims claimed they lost $100m in losses, Brinks puts the damage at $10 million. The police are trying to determine if the robbery was captured on video. It is being said that multiple suspects could have been involved in the heist.