Jewellery Heist Gang In a relieving update to the Asian community in the United States, a jewellery heist gang that looted over $235K from Asian-community people owned houses has been nabbed.

The gang had reportedly robbed their way through cities in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina targeting Asian-community people and they were finally stopped in Texas this week by Plano police officers.

The police busted illegal immigrants Jose Gonzalez, 58, Libardo Soto, 35, and Melba Gaitan, 53, on Monday. They are reported to have been involved in 15 different burglaries and it is identified that they were primarily targeting the Indian community.

The gang usually followed the same pattern with all their burglaries. They force open the front door and them loot the jewellery inside the house. They entirely looted the houses belonging to Asian community.

“We strongly suspect that there are more [suspects] out there,” Plano police stated in a media briefing.

The law enforcement searched the houses of the arrested suspects and found $200K worth jewellery and $35K in cash.