Jayalalithaa to be back as Tamil Nadu CM!With the high court acquitting Jayalalithaa from all the disproportionate assets cases, Tamil politics are turning interesting. Jayalalithaa is expected to be sworn in as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on 17th of this month. The current Chief Minister O Paneer Selvam met Jayalalithaa a short while ago and offered to resign so that she can ascend the throne.

However Jayalalithaa has no seat vacant to contest as MLA. She lost her Srirangam seat after she was convicted by the Special Court. The bielection for the seat was also completed and it has a new MLA now. Some MLA had to vacate his seat for the Amma to contest or she has to become a member of Council in Tamil Nadu.

According to the rule book, Jayalalithaa has to be elected either to the Assembly or the council within six months of her swearing. Tamil Nadu is supposed to go for elections in 2016. There is also a chance that Jayalalitha may opt for snap polls for Tamil Nadu Assembly as the AIADMK party is keen to take advantage of cadre morale and voter sentiment which they feel would be favorable to AIADMK and its leader.