Jayalalithaa's Secret Daughter Found?“She is Jayalalithaa’s daughter! She lives abroad and is finally found revealing the fact that Selvi had a family”. The picture of a lady having slight facial features matching with Jaya with above comments has been making rounds in Social media mostly on Whatsapp and Facebook for quite a long period. This has been clarified as an absolute hoax by a renowned singer Chinmayi Sripada who has known the person in the picture in a close circle.

As tweeted by Chinmayi, the person in the picture belongs to a Classical musician’s family from Trivandrum whose father is Mridangam Vidwan V Balaji. Her name is Divya and lives with her husband in Australia. Chinmayi requested people not to believe in such baseless posts and not to spread them and clarifying the fact that Divya is not Jayalalithaa’s daughter but her parent’s daughter, she asked to share her post instead, to reveal the fact.

Divya’s brother in law Balaji also has shared the post of Chinmayi commenting that these rumors reached abroad too on Whatsapp which they ignored and kept quiet to avoid a fuss. But now it has become worse after the death of Jayalalithaa where Divya and her family are worried about the swift spread of the hoax all over, as said by Balaji. He too has requested his friends and well-wishers to share their post to clarify the issue and save a family.

No matter how many clarifications are given for all the hoax’s a new one comes up all the time. It is the choice of the reader/viewer whether or not to believe such invalidated news.