Jayalalithaa's Death - No Hope for South Being Prime MinisterIndia always boasts of its Unity in Diversity. But then there is always a divide between North and the South politically. North is the hot bed of Hindi Politics while South has a diversified culture with several languages. Two big parties after Independence – Congress and BJP are also of North Origin.

The central stint of South Politics is mostly limited primarily due to small regional parties ruling different states. But then in the era of coalition governments, there is always a scope for someone from the South becoming the Prime Minister, Political Experts believed. One such strong contender is always Jayalalithaa.

But then with the sudden demise, the chance is gone now. Given the Seniority and Experience, Chandrababu Naidu is the only PM material now from the South. But then he has his share of problems back home and then his authority was also cut short by state division and TDP losing steam in Telangana.

South Politics is headless and clueless now. Moreover, BJP is looking solid under Narendra Modi’s leadership who has just formed the Single Majority government at the center for the first time in decades. So, central leadership from South looks a distant mirage now.