Nadendla_Manohar_JanasenaJanasena PAC Chairman Nadendla Manohar is the number two in the party after Pawan Kalyan.

Manohar in a TV interview said that Pawan Kalyan is not desperate about becoming the Chief Minister and it is only the wish of the cadre and some leaders.

He once again reiterated that Janasena will make all efforts to ensure that the anti-government vote will not split.

The interviewer has asked Manohar if the party is conducting any surveys to understand the mood of the people.

“We still have time for elections. As of now, we feel surveys are not necessary,” Manohar said.

But then, it looks like a very flawed argument. Surveys help political parties to keep a tab on the public opinions.

Based on the feedback from those surveys, the party will understand where it is weak and where it should concentrate on strengthening itself.

Janasena just managed a single seat in the 2019 elections. The party did not hit the streets much in these three years in the name of Corona. So, it is important to understand the pulse of the public.

Doing Surveys just before the elections is such a flawed idea.