Pawan_Kalyan_Janasena_PartyJanaSena chief Pawan Kalyan is a busy man now. He is working on his acting assignments and also focusing on politics. The actor-politician visited Chotuppal today to meet with the family members of a JanaSena supporter who passed away recently.

Speaking at a meeting in Chotuppal, Pawan Kalyan announced that JanaSena will be contesting in around 30 MLA constituencies in Telangana in the coming elections.

Pawan went on to add that JanaSena can poll over 5000 votes in every constituency in Telangana and he vowed to make the most of the same. He refused to comment about a potential alliance with any other party in Telangana.

Now, the common comment on social media is that Pawan and Chiranjeevi have a decent enough follower base in Telangana, but the question is – can Pawan convert them to votes? If he does, then which party will be affected the most?