Janasena To Collapse Without TDPThe just concluded elections should be a shocker if not worse for Janasena. In the ten ZPTCs that went for elections, Janasena could not even manage to open its account. In close to 130 MPTCs where elections happened, Janasena is confined only to a single digit (just 5).

It is more or less the case with Municipal Elections as well. Even at places where Janasena won, in majority places, Janasena was supported by TDP. That clearly indicates that Janasena’s strength is not enough to win elections.

We are talking about the local elections, the equations become more tough when the elections happen for Assembly and Parliament constituencies. BJP is no where in the game that means it would not add any value to Janasena.

We have heard many say Janasena’s support is important for TDP to come to power. Saving that discussion for another day, it is more or less clear that Janasena can not sustain on its own unless if it is ready to take similar results like 2019. It’s time Pawan Kalyan starts thinking about going back to Chandrababu Naidu.