Janasena Survey: YSR Congress To Get Only 45-67 SeatsJanasena President Pawan Kalyan who has been away from politics for some days spoke to the Party’s legal cell in Mangalagiri on Saturday.

“People giving a majority for a party or leader in democracy does not always mean it is a correct decision. Sometimes people do take wrong decisions as well. They pay a hefty price when such things happen”, Pawan Kalyan said.

“Janasena would have fought strongly on the behalf of the people even if we were given 10 MLAs,” the Janasenani lamented.

Quoting the party surveys, Pawan Kalyan went on to say that YSR Congress is likely to get only 45 -67 seats in the coming elections and the support for Janasena is increasing. At the same time, he did not reveal how many seats his own party will get in the election.

“They thought I would leave the party after the 2019 defeat. I don’t have unlimited money but I want to work for people. It is not my intention to get power immediately,” Pawan Kalyan said.

The Janasenani also confirmed that the Bus Yatra planned for October 5th has been postponed as he needs more time to understand the problems of the people. He, however, confirmed that the constituency-level review meetings will start in October.