TDP-JanasenaAlong with YSR Congress, Janasena supporters are also taken aback by TDP’s victory in the MLC elections. The party supporters who are trying to insult TDP and force Pawan Kalyan not to have an alliance are now trying to take credit for TDP’s victory.

“Pawan Kalyan called people to vote against the government. He did not even ask people to vote for BJP candidates even though they are in alliance. He indirectly asked people to vote for TDP and they did. This is not TDP’s strength, they should realize,” the supporters are trying to peddle a theory.

It is true that Janasena not contesting this election did not split the anti-government vote. But then, it may be silly to claim that Pawan Kalyan asked to vote for TDP and this victory is due to that.

TDP is putting up a good show in Rayalaseema seats as well where Janasena has no presence or negligible presence. It is winning the East Rayalaseema seat with a huge majority and there is a neck-to-neck fight in West Rayalaseema.

Janasena supporters who are opposing the alliance with TDP claim the credit of victory is a joke now.

This victory is also a setback to Janasena. The party now loses bargaining power in seat-sharing.

We have seen them go to the extent of making bizarre demand in seats and even power-sharing under-estimating TDP’s surge.

With this result, TDP will be calling shots in the alliance now and will dictate terms.