Janasena-Supporters-Striking-Wrong-ChordsEven as the results of Janasena’s First Elections are yet to be revealed, leaders are leaving the party creating chaos. First, it was Addepalli Sridhar who chose to be away from the party activities and now Party’s Founding Member and treasurer, Marisetty Raghavaiah along with Arjun who takes care of the party’s Public Meetings.

Janasena already has the problem of having very few known faces and with such people quitting, it certainly does not send a good message to the party supporters and also the general public. But then, the biggest positive is no leader leaving the party resorted to mudslinging on the Party and the Leader.

Pawan Kalyan should feel lucky for that but Janasena supporters on Social Media are having different ideas. As soon as a leader leaves they are trying to assassinate his character painting an impression that the party and Pawan Kalyan are noble while those leaving are cheats.

If Pawan Kalyan does not rein them, the leaders who went out will start giving interviews making allegations which is not good for the future of Janasena. On the other side, Janasena would like to have a minimum of 25 seats so as to have future in Andhra Pradesh but most exit polls are giving less than 10 for the party.