Pawan-Kalyan-Jana-SenaYSR Congress leaders and cadre in Andhra Pradesh are talking about nothing but caste these days.

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Their only focus is on degrading the Kamma community and preventing the Kapu community from going towards Janasena.

We have seen Jagan deploying the leaders of the same community to belittle and insult Pawan Kalyan. The other day it is Ambati Rambabu and today it is Minister Gudivada Amar.

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“PK Garu, In Chandrababu’s script and production and Nadendla’s direction, yours is not Kapu Janasena, it is Kamma Janasena,” Amar wrote on Twitter.

On both occasions, the ministers have chosen to use Twitter to attack Pawan Kalyan.

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More often, political leaders do have a meager or zero presence on social media. People rarely feel their presence.

They are trying to use the popularity of Pawan Kalyan on social media to increase their visibility.

Pawan Kalyan fans are helping that cause by bashing them and increasing activity on their accounts.