TDP Janasena Alliance MLC Elections ImpactTDP troops are elated with the graduates’ MLC victory and also today’s victory where TDP’s Anuradha won the MLC seat by polling 23 MLA votes. Amidst such a significant development, a section of JanaSena fans are coming with a comical statement.

A section of JanaSena followers who comes from the cinema following spectrum and don’t have much of an idea about actual politics are saying TDP’s MLC win today is due to JanaSena.

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They’re arguing that anti-YCP MLA votes that were to be polled for JanaSena were diverted towards TDP by Pawan. They’re saying this is one of the reasons why JanaSena should have a strong say in vote sharing in case TDP and JanaSena go for an alliance.

But this is a ridiculous talk. At a time when TDP is on a resurgent run with significant results in MLC elections, why would the Chandrababu-led party go after JanaSena that doesn’t even have a reliable vote share.

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Without TDP, Janasena is not even in a position to field MLA candidates in about half of the 175 constituencies. And on the other hand, TDP is showing upward spiral with every passing passage.

Practically speaking, even Pawan Kalyan himself should’ve assessed the situation and he should be content with whatever TDP gives rather than other way around, in case there’s an alliance.

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