Pawan KalyanBJP high command has dropped a bomb on Janasena right after the completion of campaign for Municipal Elections. The Central Government has informed in Parliament that it is committed to disinfect 100% of its stake in Vishaka Steel Plant. This has arrived as a shock for the BJP partner.

Some of the Janasena candidates for Greater Vishaka Municipal Corporation (GVMC) are slogging really hard for their victory and this may have almost finished them. It is not just BJP which has let them down, Pawan Kalyan also did the same by not even campaigning for such an important election.

Pawan Kalyan is so far silent after Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcement in the Parliament. It has to be seen if he will continue to support the Central Government which will only make the people angry. The ongoing Municipal Elections are the first elections happening on party symbols after 2019 elections.

If Janasena could not put up a decent show in this election, it will tarnish the image of the party big time. The bad thing is that the party should blame itself and its alliance partner for this mess.