Jana Sena - One Man Worship with No Ideology?Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan stunned everyone by lending his support to Congress’ meeting saying that he supports any party which fights for the cause. This comes as a big surprise as there is the basic question if Congress really has the moral values to take up the fight since they are responsible for the bifurcation woes of the state.

As Pawan Kalyan let out the opinion, his fans cum political supporters queued in to Retweet Rahul Gandhi’s Tweets on Social Media. That gave a feel to everyone that these supporters are more into the man worship than ideology match.

One Man Worship is a bane for any political party. Supporters or fans of a party should come due to the ideology match and the man Worship will be an added advantage. In such case, supporters will detest any wrongdoings by the leader and correct the direction.

But in the case of Janasena, it seems to be blind hero worship with no ideology match. The same thing happened in the case of Chiranjeevi as well. When the supporters saw Chiranjeevi failing in politics, the 18% Votebank of 2009 elections eroded and the situation is that Chiranjeevi will find tough even to contest the election again.