PawanKalyan_JanaSena_TDP_Seat-SharingJanasena President Pawan Kalyan, the other day, hinted at TDP offering around 20 seats as a part of the alliance. He also indicated that he would not settle for so less number of seats.

Janasena is weak out of Godavari districts where it has community support immensely. Everywhere else, it does not have minimum organizational structure or the incharges.

It is also the case with some constituencies in the Godavari district.

It looks like expecting 40-50 seats is more like to satisfy the ego and pressures from the community and fans who are more competitive due to the film and community rivalry with TDP.

But on TDP’s part, it can not take decisions for those reasons because electoral calculations are more important than anything else. TDP can not afford to give YSR Congress an easy run in the seats given to Janasena.

With its strength in Rayalaseema and these seats of Janasena, YSR Congress will get an easy bet.

It was for Pawan Kalyan to decide if he wants to stop Jagan or risk facing another five years with zero presence in the assembly. And if Janasena foils the chances of TDP and Jagan getting another term, Pawan Kalyan will be in trouble in films as well as politics.