Janasena- No Time for ReviewThe Panchayat and Municipal Elections in Andhra Pradesh have concluded. The Ruling Party has stamped its authority by using its advantage of being in power. Janasena and BJP which were supposed to grow together after the coalition barely registered any improvement.

They even lost some of their Vote Share in comparison to 2019 elections. The sad part is that both the parties could not even contest in most places. However, no review has happened yet in Janasena over the results and the leadership tried to paint All is Well picture.

BJP has shifted its focus on to Tirupati By-election. The fact that BJP has bulldozed once again and grabbed Tirupati Seat after the GHMC has become indigestible for Janasena supporters. But there is no scope of review or accountability in the party which is disappointing them the most.

On the other hand, there are demands that Janasenani should stay away from the campaign in Tirupati so that BJP would understand its real worth in the election. But then, it is all about what Pawan Kalyan is actually thinking. Tirupati By-election will happen on April 17th and the Results will be out on May 2nd.