Pawan Kalyan - JanaSena - Chandrababu Naidu - TDPIt looks like Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena is heading towards a breakup with BJP and is looking to forge a relationship with TDP. The recent MPTC and ZPTC elections are an indication of that. TDP and Janasena worked together at some places to keep YSR Congress away from power.

In Kadiyam (East Godavari), Janasena has got eight, TDP four, and YSR Congress nine. TDP and Janasena have decided to share the five years term of MPP equally. The first term will go to TDP. Similar situation is in Achanta (West Godavari). In Achanta, TDP has got seven, Janasena has got four, and YSR Congress has got six.

As a part of understanding, TDP gets MPP post while Janasena will get Vice MPP. This kind of adjustments have come even as BJP warned Janasena against any such understandings which will foil their chances of becoming a third alternative in the state. The other day, in an interaction with the party cadre of East Godavari, Pawan Kalyan specifically mentioned that BJP did not fight local elections seriously.

Buzz in the political circles is that Pawan Kalyan is of the opinion that Janasena would not grow if it continues its journey with BJP. Also he opines that TDP and Janasena will be a formidable force if they work together.