Janasena Helps Jagan Big Time Amara Raja quitting Andhra Pradesh and going to Tamil Nadu has become earth-shattering news in the business circles and there are apprehensions that this will dent Andhra Pradesh’s image big time in the investors. While the Opposition alleges that the government is harassing the investors and driving away, the government says it is showing Amara Raja out of the state because it is violating pollution norms.

While this issue was supposed to corner the government big time, the Opposition is suddenly divided. We do not know how the issue cropped up but, all of sudden, Janasena‘s social media supporters are driving a narrative that Amara Raja is a Kamma company and only employees Kammas.

Probably, the hatred for Kammas and TDP (Galla Jayadev) has got more of them in the issue. Meanwhile, social media is abuzz about the discussions of how a big industry like Amara Raja which is India’s second-biggest battery manufacturer employs only people of certain caste.

Some of the employees of the company are coming forward to claim how they are of a different caste but still employed by the company. Amara Raja employs close to 20,000 people directly or indirectly and most of them are from the Chittoor district. The company pays 1000s of Crores in taxes which again comes to the state as the share in GST and other central taxes.