Janasena Brings Back 2009 Memories For TDPTDP and Janasena are likely to go together to elections in 2024. Pawan Kalyan already dropped an indirect hint about it. There are speculations about the seatsharing of what Janasena is expecting and what TDP would give.

While the speculations are rife, no one knows what exactly is going on with Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan. Meanwhile, this situation reminds TDP supporters of the party’s horror experience in 2009.

Back in 2009 elections, TDP performed well but fell short of the necessary majority. The prime reason for it is the alliance confusion. Chandrababu has gone for a Mahakutami and that experiment backfired.

TDP has given TRS more seats than it’s strength and the Pink party could not win bare minimum seats in that election and became the reason for the failure of Mahakutami.

Also, the alliance discussions were delayed till the last minute leaving no time for campaign. That has confused people as well. The feeling of TDP getting submitted to TRS has unsettled voters in Andhra Pradesh and that backfired as well.

TDP supporters are hoping that the 2009 scenario will not repeat with Janasena in 2024.