Janasena---BJP-Alliance-To-Change-The-Dynamics-of-Telugu-PoliticsBJP National Leader Ram Madhav and Janasena President Pawan Kalyan are in the United States for TANA Conference. Several Media Reports suggest that they have held talks in the sidelines of the conference about the current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh. Ram Madhav has extended an olive branch to Janasena for a possible alliance going further.

Given that BJP has the backing of Power in the Delhi, Janasena is also in favor of the alliance but Pawan Kalyan cannot commit to that since the Central Government is doing nothing for the State. Andhra Pradesh drew a blank in the recent Union Budget as well. Janasena just managed to win a single seat in the recent Assembly Elections.

Pawan Kalyan himself lost from both the seats he contested. The party is facing the crisis of existence and BJP’s help will come in handy. Janasena anyways projected itself opposite YSR Congress and TDP in the State. BJP which is devoid of a Popular face to lead it will get that face with Pawan Kalyan’s help.

Sources in BJP says the party is more keen on Pawan Kalyan merging his Janasena into the Saffron Party and become the face of BJP in Andhra Pradesh. The Saffron Party is trying to decimate TDP and become a force by the time of 2024 elections.