Janasena's Biggest Worry: No Pawan Kalyan No Media CoverageJanasena President Pawan Kalyan will be in Vijayawada on April 4th and 5th. He will be participating in a meeting with the Communist Party leaders and will be finalizing the future course of action to attain the Special Status for Andhra Pradesh.

He will also attend some meetings of Janasena leaders and cadre in his two days stay there. On the other side, Janasena cadre is expecting Pawan Kalyan to join them on the ground in these agitations or else any work will be fizzed out they feel.

Media is not caring Janasena if there is no Pawan Kalyan. The best example for this is there is no Live coverage for the first Press Meet of Janasena appointed Spokespersons recently on any Television. For some reason, even Janasena did not give it live on their Youtube Channel.

So the cadre feels Pawan Kalyan should shift to Andhra Pradesh and proactively participate in the onground agitations if the party has to make a mark on the people. They are also eagerly waiting for the Fast-unto-death announced by the Janasenani previously.