Janasena Alleges Govt Conspiracy to Belittle Pawan Kalyan DeekshaJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has sat for a 24 Hours Nirahara Deeksha in Srikakulam for the victims of Uddanam Kidney Problems. Pawan Kalyan who began his Deeksha at his resort last evening wanted to sit at an Open Ground this morning.

Janasena Party Leaders have approached the Local Police to give Permission at the Local Municipal Stadium but then the department has refused permission as the venue is at a prime location and could cause Traffic Problems.

They have suggested a local Arts College for the Deeksha. Janasena Leaders alleged that the college is cut off from the Public and it is a conspiracy of the government to ensure that the Deeksha gets minimal Traction from the Public.

After initial resistance, Janasena has agreed to the venue at the suggested college. Janasena Cadre and Leaders are also sitting for a one-day Deeksha in all the districts in the support of their President in this issue and the government’s inaction.