Janasainiks Proving Unreliable For Pawan Kalyan Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has held a meeting with party’s social media supporters last evening. While Pawan Kalyan is addressing the gathering, a series of attacks have happened on TDP Offices across the state. Pawan Kalyan immediately released a condemnation statement.

The party has released the video statement of Pawan Kalyan regarding the incident. Pawan Kalyan also urged Union Home Ministry to take stock of the law and order issues in Andhra Pradesh. The Janasenani may be the first other party leader to condemn the arson. But then, what has happened later is a surprise.

Janasena Supporters are not at all bothered about the party line or what Pawan Kalyan has to say. They were on a rampage mocking TDP and enjoying the attacks. Some even have cheered Jagan for teaching Chandrababu a lesson and wants to thrash Lokesh and Chandrababu Naidu next time.

Pawan Kalyan’s statement is a noble gesture but fans reaction to it ensured that the goodwill is lost. This is always a problem with Janasena Supporters. They barely care about the party agenda and keep their movie or caste rivalry above Janasena’s interests. Probably, we barely see any other party supporters keeping their own interests above the party or their leader’s.