Chandrababu-Naidu-Yemmiganur-Pawan-KalyanFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu has toured three constituencies of Kurnool district and got an excellent response with huge crowds everywhere.

Chandrababu made some interesting comments on his roadshow at Yemmiganur.

“Until yesterday you were in your houses. You are vexed with this government and came on roads. I am not a film actor. My recent film did not become a hit. Still, these many people came here because of the anger and frustration,” Chandrababu said.

Janasainiks are taking these as indirect comments on Pawan Kalyan and many are even badmouthing Chandrababu for it

Chandrababu definitely is not someone who would make indirect comments on Pawan Kalyan especially when there are speculations about TDP and Janasena alliance.

Janasena supporters suddenly became critical of TDP after Narendra Modi showed an iota of affection for Pawan Kalyan even after refusing the Janasenani an appointment for almost three and a half years.