Kodali Nani Attack on Janasena and TDPCivil Supplies Minister Kodali Nani has called for a Pressmeet and attacked TDP and Janasena in his own style. While the abuses of Nani on TDP and Chandrababu Naidu are quite common, Nani hurled choicest abuses on Pawan Kalyan and Janasena party.

Pawan Kalyan went to Vizag and spoke some non-sense which even shocked those on the dais. He sets a one-week deadline to take an all=party contingent to Delhi. Why Jagan for it? I will book flight tickets to members of your useless (Panikimaalina) party and take them to Delhi,” Nani said.

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“BJP-led Central Government should stop privatization. You shamelessly (Siggu Seram lekunda) ally with BJP and contest together. Go to Delhi and give the ultimatum to Narendra Modi of severing ties if the Privatization is not stopped,” the Minister said.

“Go and tell Modi – if you go on with Privatization, we have Lakhs of Janasaniks who are kids aged 10-12 years wearing Knickers who will come to Delhi and sit for a Dharna. We will bring Delhi to a standstill and will not allow Modi to move anywhere. Without doing that he is warning Jagan,” Nani criticized.

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