Dr Mule Sudheer Reddy MLAJammalamadugu politics is all about Ramasubbareddy and Adinarayana Reddy. Adinarayana Reddy and Ramasubbareddy are rivals but ended up in TDP after Adi joined TDP ditching Jagan after winning the 2014 elections.

But 2019 ended their supremacy over the constituency. A newcomer, Dr. Sudheer Reddy won from here.

He is the son of senior politician Mysoora Reddy’s brother. He won with a whopping 52K majority over his nearest rival, Ramasubbareddy of TDP.

After the elections, Adinarayana Reddy joined BJP while Ramasubbareddy joined YSR Congress. TDP which has two strong leaders suddenly has none here.

Adinarayana Reddy’s brother, MLC Srinath Reddy also became silent at the party.

Chandrababu did not appoint an in charge for three years. Sudheer Reddy was super happy that he will have no competition in 2024 but Mydukuru politics changed all of sudden.

Chandrababu airdropped a young leader, Bhupesh Reddy into the constituency. He is the son of Adinarayana Reddy’s brother, former MLC Narayana Reddy.

He was made the party’s in charge in Jammalamadugu is being supported by Srinath Reddy and Narayana Reddy. Bhupesh Reddy is actively touring the constituency.

Ramasubbareddy is also not happy with Jagan and is not supporting Sudheer Reddy.

There are rumors that Adinarayana Reddy may come back to TDP or support the party from behind the scenes in 2024.

MLA Sudheer Reddy is a worried man now.