IVR Krishna Rao photoOfficials at Union Finance Ministry has caused a major goof-up regarding the promise of covering up the Budget defict for Andhra Pradesh. AP government has sent in a report that it is seeking 15600 Crores to cover the deficit and such sanction from the Center will result in a surplus budget of 1000 Crore for the state.

But the finance ministry officials have simply read the total figure and closed the file stating that the AP will not need any help. Chief Secretary IYR Krishna Rao and other state officials immediately identified the goofup and intimated to the Union Finance Ministry to again put up the file for circulation.

It is said that Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had spoked to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley regarding this and the later assured him to rectify the goofup and clear the deficit as soon as possible. A timely intervention of the state officials had averted a big problem for the state just by a whisker. Chandrababu ordered Krishna Rao to be in constant touch with the Union Finance Ministry office and followup the file till it is cleared.