Jai Jagan in 2019, Jai Pawan in 24Back in 2019, Tollywood’s Prudhvi Raj, popularly known as 30 years Prudhvi was a very vocal supporter of YCP. But that’s not the case now.

Prudhvi has now severed ties with YCP. He says he left YCP some two years ago and he now has an interesting comment to make.

In his latest interaction with the media, Prudhvi said he feels Pawan Kalyan will be the deciding factor in 2024 elections.

Prudhvi said “Pawan Kalyan is a hardworking politician and people are clearly seeing him as a leader. YCP’s antics including the recent fire accident at minister’s house are laughable and there is no way people will believe it. My journey henceforth is with JanaSena.”