Rayalaseema-GarjanaThe YSRCP government prestigiously carried out the Rayalaseema Garjana Sabha all across the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh today. Educational institutions were ordered to get students to shout Jai Rayalaseema’s slogans. The common public was also pooled in to take part in the same. This is a narrative to push for capital in the Rayalaseema region

But an interesting incident happened at the Garjana Sabha in Kurnool which didn’t go quite as planned for YSRCP.

Going by a few videos that have made their way onto the internet, we can see students shouting Jai Babu(CBN), Jai Balayya, and Jai Kalyan Babu(slogans) at the event that was organized by YSRCP. This reportedly left YCP Kurnool leaders amused as they tried to stop the students from shouting these slogans and failed to do so.

The group of students is seen profusely shouting the Jai Balayya and Jai Babu slogans. These videos are now going viral on social media.