Jaggampeta: YCP Group Politics Helping Jyothula Nehru Jaggampeta is one constituency where TDP is yet to win after 1999. In 2004 and 2009, Congress won here while YSRCP emerged victorious in 2014 and 2019.

Jyothula Chantibabu from YCP won over TDP’s Jyothula Nehru in 2019. Another two-time MLA and MP Thota Narasimham also joined YSRCP from TDP just before 2019 elections.

Thota did not get Jaggampeta ticket but his wife got Peddapuram ticket but lost. Thota was politically inactive for three years due to health issues.

He recovered and became active recently. He is keen on getting Jaggampeta ticket this time. At the same time, MLA Jyothula Nehru also took Gadapa Gadapaku seriously.

Because of this YSR Congress split into two in the constituency giving an edge to TDP. The Cycle party’s Jyothula Nehru is also active with Baadhude Baadhudu.

The rift in YSR Congress is helping Nehru big time. If TDP and Janasena allies, Jaggampeta will be very easy for Nehru. Luckily, Janasena has good voting in the constituency and no leadership.

If everything works out, TDP flag may fly in the constituency for the first time after 1999 elections.