Jagapathi_Babu_CasteJagapathi Babu is usually a non-controversial person but is making some unnecessary comments on Kamma caste for quite some time.

Jagapathi Babu hails from the same community but has this urge of showcasing himself as apolitical and not serious about caste.

It is appreciable that the actor does not care about caste but then, he is intentionally or unintentionally bringing disrepute to the community and also being a tool in the propaganda against a community.

Caste fanaticism is a problem in all communities including the Kamma community. The situation is getting better in recent times but it still persists.

And then, there is another problem related to caste in Andhra Pradesh in recent times. There is an intentional alienation and maligning of an entire community just for political gains.

There is propaganda against the Kamma community intentionally vilifying the people for no reason.

There is an attempt to intentionally malign the people of the entire community under the same blanket as power-mongering and selfishness. The propaganda is started to damage TDP politically and has successfully damaged the reputation of the entire community.

Jagapathi Babu in his urge to be apolitical and not serious about caste is making blanket statements raking the issues that happened 15-20 years ago.

He should also retrospect if the incidents or experiences of so long are relevant even today. It will be definitely not the case due to changing times. If he makes such comments without such retrospection, he is only at the wrong end.

YSR Congress and it’s propaganda machines are using these videos to hit the reputation of the community and for political gains. The fact that someone from the community is making these comments is helping their cause.

Being a tool for Propaganda machines in this age of Whatsapp politics is worse than Kula Pichi and anything else.