Jagan's Utter Silly Strategy Leaves CBN SmilingGovernment employees and pensioners who have overwhelmingly supported YSR Congress in the 2019 elections were angry with the Chief Minister after the recent PRC. They are agitating against the Government and are gearing up for an indefinite strike from February 7th.

Meanwhile, the Ruling party’s social media teams and media ecosystem are on an overdrive to tarnish the image of employees. We have seen them peddle articles and tweets showcasing employees as parasites, greedy, etc. Some people are demanding to remove their jobs, strip them of voting rights, what not!

This is irritating the employees further. It looks like the Ruling Party seems to be missing a basic logic in this process. Common people largely have a negative feeling about Government employees. This Propaganda has no meaning but to irk the employees and push them to intensify their agitation.

Even if the public does not support them, Government employees do not care much. It is the case with them always. They can still make their agitation a success without the co-operation of the public. But Lakhs of government employees and their families will get angry with the government and will push them to look beyond YSR Congress.

Instead of arriving at some middle ground with the employees, attacking them looks utter silly. Chandrababu Naidu will be smiling for sure!