Jagan's Strange Argument, Poor State Don't Need CapitalAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy spoke about Amaravati and the three capitals once again in the Assembly.

He once again reiterated that Andhra Pradesh can not afford to construct Amaravati with Lakhs of Crores. “Andhra Pradesh is a Poor State which can only afford to spend 2,000 Crore on Capital,” the CM said.

“Remember we are a poor state with 80% of the people still being white card holders,” the CM added. Does that imply a poor state do not need a capital? Is Andhra Pradesh poorer than Telangana?

We all know the answer of how people of Telangana are outside Hyderabad for many years.

Jagan Mohan Reddy did not buy the argument that Amaravati is a self-financing project. “There are no buyers even for one acre. Even small bits are not getting sold. We can’t spend Crores on such lands,” the CM announced.

If the lands are useless, Amaravati bonds will not be oversold in the stock market. Everyone knows how Jagan brought the situation of no buyers to Amaravati.

Previously Jagan said spending 10,000 Crore on Vishakapatnam will make it a stellar city and only the CM can question why he did not spend a penny on the Port City in three years so far.