Jagan's Sookthi Mukthavali To Pawan Ignoring Own Black!AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy launched a scathing attack on Janasena President Pawan Kalyan at a Public meeting in Avanigadda.

“Do we need leaders who talk showing chappals? I don’t know if even Street Rowdies (Veedhi Rowdilu) will talk in such a language,” Jagan said.

“When we talk about three capitals, he asks everyone to marry three times. What will happen to the society? Just to defeat Jagan, these many people are joining hands,” he added

“We are saying all areas will get justice with three capitals. He is saying justice will happen only with three marriages. He is asking leaders to get married thrice. What happens to women if this is followed?,” the CM questions.

While the Chief Minister acts as if he is concerned about the women, he should have sung these sermons advising his leaders not to talk about Pawan Kalyan‘s previous wives who are divorced and leading the lives of their choice.

While lamenting about Pawan Kalyan retaliating showing slipper, what is the CM doing when the wife of Former Chief Minister is criticized in nasty language right in the state assembly?

The language of YCP leaders sounds music to the CM’s chair and he speaks sermons when giving lectures to others.

“Jagan is giving Sookthi Mukthavali to Pawan Kalyan ignoring his own black. He forgot the Brand Ambassadors of Vulgar language in his own party,” Janasainiks are ridiculing.