YS Jagan YS CongressAndhra Pradesh Government had brought a 5% scheme to make money. A G.O. has been released mandating allocating 5% land to Jagananna Housing Project in every layout. In case, the builders are not in favor of giving that, they can give the same extent of land in 3 Kilometers radius to the layout.

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If that is also not possible, the money equivalent should be given to the Government. Incidentally, it looks like a plan to make money. The poor will not be given lands in the same layout due to economic disparity. Most likely they will have to choose the option of giving money.

It is the actual option needed for the Government. But then, this rule will increase the costs which will burden the buyers especially the middle class. It will also be a big blow to the real estate which is already in severe doldrums.

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Jagan Government intelligently sugar-coated it in the name of Housing for the Poor so that anyone who criticizes can be labeled as Anti-Poor.