Jagan's Shock To Secretariat Employees!Village and Ward Secretariats are the brainchild of the  Jagan Mohan Reddy Government along with the Volunteers system. The government has decided to cancel the ration card for these employees as they are government employees. In the Krishna district alone, 8000 employees will lose these cards.

However, this comes as a shock to employees because they are not recognized as Government employees. They only get a stipend from the Government and do not get any other benefits like Government employees. “We are just namesaked Government employees but we have become one to cancel Ration cards,” they lament.

The employees are confused because Ration Card is a lifetime benefit but their employment is not guaranteed if the Government changes. “Our jobs have no legal backing. We are more like outsourcing staff. There is no guarantee we will be continued if other parties come to power,” they add.

If Ration cards are lost, they will lose Aarogyasri as well.