YS_Jagan_RTCYS Jagan Mohan Reddy had promised to absorb RTC employees into the government and executed the promise partially.

Employees are getting salaries from the government but have lost on the benefits they derive being employees of the corporation. The employees are already unhappy and now the government dropped another bomb.

The state government is insisting on transferring 25% of RTC’s daily income to the government.

RTC earns around 16 Crore per day and will have to transfer 4 Crore to the government. That amount will be used to pay the salaries of the employees.

The idea of taking employees into government payroll is to help the financially-struggling corporation but now this new arrangement makes no sense.

“This is like a quid pro quo. On one hand, the government gives salaries and with another hand, they take back from RTC. This will be a massive blow to the corporation which is already suffering due to losses,” the employee unions are fuming.