Jagan's Operation Akarsha on BJPYSR Congress was severely battered after losing 20 MLAs to the ruling Telugu Desam Party. More than the loss of MLAs, the perception of being weak is a big issue for the party. To change that perception, YSR Congress is planning to improve its image by denting BJP State unit.

Jagan had unleashed Operation Akarsha on BJP Leaders by offering MLC and other key positions in the party. Buzz is that Vellampalli Srinivas, the former Vijayawada West MLA was offered the MLC position for coming into YSR Congress. The Main Opposition Party is in talks with BJP leaders of several other districts in the wake of the upcoming local elections.

But then Political experts say these joinings will not help YSR Congress much. “BJP as a party is a weak entity in Andhra Pradesh. There is no question of BJP leaders being strong. They win only based on the strength of the alliance partners and the conditions prevailing at the center. So, the individuals may not help,” Political experts say.

About the perception being created in favour of YSR Congress with these joinings. “People do not see BJP as a force in Andhra Pradesh. There will not be any perception change. YSR Congress can do that only if they get any leaders out of TDP,” they add. But then such scenario can not happen until 2019.