Jagan's New Policy To Kill Father's Pet Scheme?The other day, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken a decision that is likely to make Aarogyasri redundant.

Going forward, the government will deposit hospital bills into the accounts of the beneficiaries and the hospitals will have to debit from their accounts later.

Until now, the transactions are between the government and the hospital. But Jagan wants the money in the accounts of the beneficiaries for vote-bank politics.

Experts say that this will kill Aarogyasri scheme and will trouble the poor big time.

As of now, Aarogyasri bills were pending with the government for many months. In case, they are deposited in the patient’s accounts, it is a headache to recover.

There is a chance that patients use the funds in emergencies. In such a case, hospitals may have to appoint recovery agents. Why would hospitals take the risk?

Hospitals will now ask the patients to take loans and pay the bills before discharge and repay the loans after government disburses.

Getting loans and paying interest will be a headache for the patients. The spirit of Aarogyasri is already lost.

There is a chance that patients will give up the treatments totally fearing these hassles.