Jagan's New Plan: More Risk Than Benefit!Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy directed the authorities to start the process of districts reorganization. He ordered to complete the basic process and prepare for the notification by the time census is completed. Officials have indicated to the Chief Minister that it is inappropriate to carry out the process of carving new districts when there is a census.

It seems that the CM has decided to divide the 13 districts in AP into twenty-six districts. YSR Congress announced in its manifesto that it would form a district for the Parliament‌ constituency. It was decided to divide Araku Parliament into two districts taking the total. That would take the total count to Twenty Six.

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However, this idea will come with a benefit and a risk. The benefit will be that Jagan hopes that the move will trigger the real-estate boom in the state which will naturally increase the revenue of the government and increase some development activity which may be a positive in the elections.

The risk is that new districts will need lots of funds for new infrastructure creations. At the time, when the government can not even afford to repair roads, it is unlikely that they can afford so much of expense. So, this move may bring more bad than good to the Government, some people say.

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