Jagan ABN Radha KrishnaAndhrajyothy Radhakrishna had a savage take on Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Second Chance request. Jagan has been urging people not to believe the Dushtachathushtayam (Chandrababu, Eenadu, Andhrajyothy-TV5, and Pawan Kalyan) and asks them to trust only him.

In his weekly editorial, RK questioned why people should trust Jagan after trusting him once in 2019 after going back on promises like CPS abolition, Amaravati, Polavaram, TIDCO houses, 3000 Rupees Pension, Lowering Power charges, liquor prohibition, etc.

“There is a clear change in the tone of the Chief Minister. Only a few months ago, he is seen saying ‘Enthamandhi Kalisochina naa Ventruka kuda peekaleru’. Now, he is urging people not to trust anyone except him,” Radha Krishna ridiculed.

“Why should anyone trust Jagan? The Chief Minister says he has no Newspapers and Channels supporting him but everyone in the state knows how the CM owns a paper and Channel besides many indirectly supporting him. If someone lies about something everyone knows, how can anyone trust him?,” RK questions.

The conclusion is even savage. “Jagan’s attitude is like keep trusting me till you are left on roads with a begging bowl,” says RK elaborating how Andhra Pradesh is alongside Bimaru states which can not pay salaries until a new loan is approved every month.

“Why should people trust Jagan when he is unmoved even when his own sister was arrested and remanded in Telangana?,” RK questions. The Andhrajyothy MD further said how there is not even an iota of change in Jagan and Vijayasai Reddy (in the context of Delhi Liquor Scame) even after going to jail previously.