YS jagan desparation for chief minister postLeader of Opposition for some reason is very desperate after being confined to Opposition after 2014 elections. Days after the elections, Jagan started predicting the fall of the government. It was his loose remarks on bringing down the government, gave a chance to the ruling party to unleash Operation Akarsha and as a result, eight MLAs were lost.

Jagan unleashed two No Confidence Motions in two days like never before in the history of Telugu politics. More over, Jagan is challenging Chandrababu Naidu to resign in most of the times. In this budget session itself, Jagan made the challenge not less than ten times, again and again venting his desperation.

These challenges and too much of desperation for Power making Jagan look like hollow in front of the people. The opposition leader is looking very cheap making too many comments about power. Its high time, Jagan should realize that he is doing self damage to himself or else things will become difficult for 2019.