Jagan insultThe bad financial condition of Andhra Pradesh inflicted by mindless splurging of money on freebies is bringing so much of disdain for the state. This time the insult has come from Power System Operations Corporation, a central agency.

The Corporation had dashed a letter to Andhra Pradesh Government. It has asked the State Government not to overdraw power and cause disruptions in the national grid. The subject of the letter is ‘Severe Overdrawl from Grid – Concern on Grid Safety’.

That is not just about it. It has expressed doubts on the Government’s repaying capacity. The Corporation asked the Government to pay 100% advance and get required power from central power utilities. That means there are doubts on State Government’s repaying capacity and also its intention to repay.

A Central agency writing such a letter to a State Government as if they are talking to some defaulter is truly shocking. There can not be a bigger insult than this to the State Government.